Toddlers Soccer

Sweat F.C Little Kickers (Ages 2-4) is our year round toddler soccer program. Little kickers is offered across Brooklyn in areas like Crown Heights, Park Slope , Carroll Gardens and much more neighborhoods. Our toddler soccer classes are action packed soccer lessons and games. SWEAT F.C uses a true fun child centered coaching structure . The little kickers program is a high energy yet fun class that focuses on the fundamentals of the game through fun games , riddles and much more interactive activities . The focus of the program is to help foster an unbreakable liking , towards the game . Our goal is to ensure kids at this young age begin to foster a strong bond for soccer .

We now offer player after school pick up in Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill & Park Slope.
— Sweat F.C
Sweat FC Soccer Classes


Our Little Kickers soccer is for kids ages 2-4 years old.


Soccer School

SWEAT F.C Soccer School (5-9 year olds)Start playing soccer the right way. We offer a training that will teach you the skills and basics of the game. SWEAT F.C Soccer school teaches fundamental skills with the ball and physical agility. The sessions are designed to work step by step with introduction players and new players to the game. Sessions are age-appropriate with attention to proper technique and body coordination, that provide the foundation to excel as a soccer player.

We now offer player after school pick up in Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill & Park Slope.
— Sweat F.C
Youth Soccer Club


Fall 2019 soccer school classes are now open. Our Dean Street soccer classes will take place on Monday’s and Thursday’s at 3:00 PM.

Sweat FC


Fall 2019 Carroll Gardens soccer school classes are now open for enrollment. Our classes are Wednesday’s and Friday’s at 3:30 PM


Skill Builder

 SWEAT F.C Skill Builder Soccer classes (10-13 year olds) Want to raise your game to the next level?  Build and improve your skills with SWEAT Football. Our skill-builder training will raise your game, and get you sharp for your next challenge. Our soccer skill-builder sessions are designed to improve your physical ability (speed, endurance, agility, and strength), your skills (first touch, turns, moves, and shots), and your game intelligence (positioning, movement off the ball, and anticipation). For intermediate and advanced young players. A good foundation and focused attitude is needed for these classes, because we want to get you ready to play on the highest level!

We now offer player after school pick up in Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill & Park Slope.
— Sweat F.C
Sweat FC Soccer Classes


Dean Street park classes will be Monday’s and Thursday’s at 3:00 - 4:30 PM



Sweat F.C youth soccer league is a great experience for boys & girls soccer players in Brooklyn . The league is scheduled to start , on the first week of September & will run until , mid November . Each week players, players morning will be mainly of quick drills for the first 30 mins. We’d have 2 fields set up and kids will be broken up into 2 age groups, (ages 2-5) & (ages 5-10). The Recreation league offers an opportunity for young players to learn skills, have fun, build a passion towards the game and develop the community. The program is managed by our professional soccer coaches with years of experience in youth development, however all teams are coached by parent volunteers.


  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 PM



  • Carroll Gardens Field



  • Saturdays (Every Saturday)

  • Rolling Enrollment




At Sweat Football Club our goal is to make players better. We pride ourselves in noticing the continuous growth within our youth soccer players . Our videos are designed to show players and parents the seasonal growth of the training styles.