Sweat F.C soccer school is a great program that happens every MONDAY + WEDNESDAY from 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM  at Pier 2 & Cadman Plaza soccer fields in Brooklyn . Kids will experience a fun warm up,  transitional drills , and conclusion with an interactive trivia format set up. The classes give players the freedom to exercise their soccer passion, learn the sport and build relationships with other kids in the tri state.

Kids apart of the Soccer School will focus strictly on training for the 3 months. During the duration of program, players will be trained to understand the importance and value of being apart of a team Our main focus is to ensure kids are “becoming better soccer players”. So at this age , playing games are not our main focus. After the 3 months players will have option to possibly be invited on a prospective team. This team will compete in a 5 v 5 league local to Brooklyn .

Soccer School

Soccer School

Our soccer school classes are ideal for kids


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