Here's a little insider into the roots of Sweat Football Conditioning:


Sweat Football Conditioning is a New York based soccer group that allows youth in the Brooklyn area to enjoy the sport soccer. Sweat Football conditioning just recently founded offers a wide range of soccer atmospheres for young athletes in the New York area. With it's coaching backgrounds stemming from the cultures of the Caribbean, Sweat Football conditioning, prides itself on the focus of the individual athelete. The personal growth of our athelete on and off the field is our biggest focus.


Our company values the idea of building great bonds. Being able to create relationships and show the importance off young friendships amongst the diverse New York population is another great aspect of our company . Sweat Football Conditioning is all about creating change in the New York Soccer community. In order to do so we try to first inspire. By creating a great bond with the roots of our soccer program  we plan to grow the culture in Brooklyn with soccer.