Here's a little insider into the roots of Sweat Football Conditioning:



Sweat Football Club is a leading youth soccer club based in Brooklyn, New York . Established in 2017 we have been offering , a range of soccer classes , programs and teams for the everyday New York City family . Though any extra curricular activity in NYC , is done with the best ingredients, we find it our genuine duty to ensure our prices are affordable to average family in New York City. Our club operates in the Brooklyn district : Caton Park , Hamilton Metz Park , St.Johns Park , Dean Street Park , Brooklyn Bridge Park and much more . 


In 2015, we set out to create a home for young players of every background to learn and train. We exist to empower young players with the knowledge and technique necessary for growth  towards the best possible version of themselves, on and off the pitch!  Smashing challenges and exceeding goals in the process our aim is to expose players to new and exciting approaches to your everyday drill, preparing them to think outside the box and act cool under  pressure during game time. Sweat FC‘s core goal is to bring back REAL soccer, the type that makes you sweat.